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Monday, November 07, 2005
  Attention! Attention!
Due to the fact that I prefer remain even more anonymous, I shall heretoforth be referred to as "Ms. Ms."

My weekend was more than pleasant following WEEK FROM "PSYCHOMADNESS"LAND and "STRESSEDTOTEARS"TOWN!

What'd I do? Friday: Shmooze with girls: danced like banshees from 8-12, went home. Saturday: Gym, coffee with Janice, hung out with hungover Danielle, housecleaned, went to a lovely dinner/wine party with Ryan. Sunday: cooked brunch with Gabriela, went to Eaton's centre together, bought earrings, met up with a guy we were both in touch with from the Halloween party- thought he'd be really hot costumeless- he really wasn't so I ditched them and went home for more housecleaning, went to the Rex with Lorenzo my lovely younger man and I "enjoyed the show", iykwim. I enjoyed the show immensely. U can read all about it if you are a crafty soul.

I lurve you girls so much, ya know that? This blog is just what the doctor ordered, I tell you.
More laterrrrr.... love, Ms. Ms.
Holy instant difference in lives Batman!

First noticable difference : more friends than me
Second noticable difference : staying up past 10
Third noticable difference : time to cook

I went to Ottawa at 7AM Sat morning and was in class until 5PM or so, then off the HOUSE OF CHILDREN where all is quiet at 8:30PM. Then back to class the next day until 3PM, home in the rain and for a run with Cuddles. Then home to fold laundry (I was not feeling well either). Then wake up 12 times to sound of trees falling (?) dorothy's house taking off and loud general banging from crazy gusts of wind.

Reading your blog reminds me of TO and that go-go-go lifestyle, which, though my life feels go-go-go is a different kind of "going" IYKWIM.

I contemplated buying earrings and then didn't. they were only $10! What a wimp I am.
Oya - who's Ryan?
Ryan is a friend of Tali's! Very nice, cute, got me a teddy bear with an A on it, also might be reading this. Hi Ryan! I had a good time on Saturday and will return your call tonight.
This is Ryan... Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. Although in retrospect it wasn't exactly fair to bring you to a place where I knew everybody. I got your call but I was at the gym. I will let you know about that documentary I wanted to see.

*waves to Tali*

Ryan! Don't be a weirdo!! This is not a mode of communication! You can call or email, you know! Jeez...
Lol...well..I met a boy on the weekend :)
I guess that is a little excitement.
talirama, what, you can't make us wait till the END of the week to hear all about the boy! thats just NOT fair.
and hick, i here you on the complete difference in lives! seeing as you were in ottawa this weekend that meant that i had NO friends in the city (not like i would have had time to see you, i would have just recruited you to work...) i was not aware that ms. had so many friends that we had not met. i'm not sure i want to share her like that.
i will share her with this hot younger dude with the exotic name, as long as she tells me every detail!!
and ryan? who are you and what are you doing here? and where is my teddy bear with a "c" (for cunt)?
Hey Girls... I wish wish wish you could meet some or all of the people I've become friends with here. Toronto seems to be the place for fun young people looking for friends. Lucky for me! But unfortunately for me, it doesn't seem to be the place to meet that special guy who sets your heart aflutter. So, pour moi, until then- Friends!
Wow a whole convo going on here in sub-blog land that I just found!
Hi Ryan (I need a teddy with a "J" for jellybean, jumping, joy, juicyfruit (the smell of OOTG's poo) and jiggery-not a word)
So Tali reveals info that she was going to save until she got here... a boy eh? Does he live in San Fran or is he boytoy potential? Or will he be waving a wet hanky, full of tears as you leave?
(i dunno that just made me laugh really hard)
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