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Monday, November 07, 2005
  In Memorium
Hi guys,

There are lots of funny things I can write about today, but I think I'll keep this one short and more serious.

This weekend I got the sad news that Max, the older of my parents' two cats had to be put to sleep. He was taken to the vet last week and they told us he had an enlarged heart and kidney problems and said he would live maybe another year. But within a few days, Andrew found him outside, meowing, unable to move...so he took him to the emergency vet where he had to be put down or else live a few more days in pain.

He was acting strange for the past fw months, I think we all know that he was not so well anymore, but it still happened really fast for me. I grew pretty attached to that old man since being back here. I even put a picture of him on Matt's birthday card.
Anyway, I'm feeling ok but wanted to dedicate a little note to him, the cat I loved.

Hope you guys had a good weekend. I was in Ottawa...
Poor Max! My condolences to the family. He's lucky he had so many nice humans to look after him and take care of him.

I liked the ol' furball too, I know he has gone to a better place.
oh im really sad to hear about that. i know news of him being unwell was a surprise to you the other day. he was such a part of your family. we'll all miss him.
i wasn't even allergic to the ol' guy!
I'm sorry Hick....Max was a great cat.
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