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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
  hair and other stuff
as for my weekend, it was thrilling.
i was at a show the entire time. not a good one even. there was not a very good turn out. so i stood on my feet the for two days and tried to sell myself (yes like a prostitute.) we shall see if there are any suckers for my product out there. i will keep you posted on the developments. more the same this weekend, unfortunately, but thems the breaks.
but having to look good for the show leads me to the crux of this post... hair. i went to the hairdresser so that she could do some magic on my hair. she was agast at how much hair i lost during my shampooing. (i, of course, was also concerned as this has been happening for a while now. my thick main is not so thick anymore.) so she made some suggestions to me... firstly i should wash my hair with milder shampoo. i use pantene, can you get more mild than that? i do not know! second she suggested i take vitamin B100. resident healthcare professional, what do you think of that? and last... *gasp*... she told me i should not wear my hair up, as it does not let my scalp breathe. OMG!!! you'all know how i feel about my hair down!!! well i tried it yesterday. itt was very windy here in the city. my hair was everywhere. it was puffy. the curls did not "stick together nicely". now i will say it before you do: i didn't use any product (we know me so well!) . so friends and lovers, i call upon you, my ladies of hair so curly, for advice. what product should i use to take advantage of my luscious locks? and what do you do about hair washing? how often? and if you don't wash it per se, do you wet it? in the shower? with a shpritzer? HELP! (just don't go getting all "we have been telling you for years to wear your hair down" or like "how long have we been suggesting product to you?")
i am a desperate girl.
ok i am the first to comment on my own post (very uncool of me, but whatever.) i was just in the shower when another issue occurred to me: if you have product in your hair from the day before, and you DON'T wash your hair: 1. what do you do with OLD product?; and 2. do you apply product on top of product?
this is getting very confusing.
as an aside: i just stepped in a glob of the c's deoderant that was on the floor. now how does deoderant glob on the floor? how? really? like did it fall out of his pit?
however, i do have a nice smelling toe.
Hey there OOTG, no need to flip out here...
First off : go to your local wig shop - JUST IN CASE. Ok! relax, just a little joke!

Really first off, do you think this might just be a little re-organizing of the hormones due to changes in pill-taking? Is this around period time or no?

Second, yes you can use "product on product" if need be, but don't go using a TON of product one day cuz that's gross. Also "sprizting" your hair will "re-vitalise" the "product" from the day before and you may not need any more! so there!

I wash my hair 1-2 times a week, not more. And I have been wearing my hair up alot too these days...

what is Vitamin B100? Never heard of it.

I think what you need, overall, is to balance the hormones in your system, then period will come, hair will grow, all will be fine! How do you do this you ask? Well, wait 3.75 years and ask me again then!

Or see my homeopath or your doctor.
no no, my hair has been falling out for alot longer than that!
and... i was asking for product advice, not medical advice!!
need-help-with-hair! must i beg??
Well, you asked for advice from the "resident healthcare professional" - so I assumed you were looking for healthcare advice. Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!

If you want to keep it curly try Aveda "Get Curly" I have some you could borrow and try if you want.
whoa charlie!!!
i was asking if anyone had heard of the B100, and particularly referring to the dietician!
but thank you for your advice. it has been most helpful and certainly appreciated.
did not intend to creating and huffing and puffing around the subbject.
i apologize.
are you still my friend?
(i see you are working as hard as i am...)
Re friends : ppplplpll

Re working : here is your honorary degree from Screw U
re: Re friends : ppplplpll
yeah jen, she was looking for the advice of a dietitian (aka: healthcare professional).

B100? Never heard of it. Must have been invented by hair product manufacturers.

I can look into it if you'd like.
who is this jen that i have never before heard referred to here in?
looked up B100: supposed to bee good for folicle growth. seems like the right thing...
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