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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
How would you feel if you SHOT BOLT UPRIGHT in bed, didn't know why, looked at the time - 2:15AM - and then, 5 seconds later heard a knock at the door?

...Jen... I'm here to get you.. but I'm knocking first because I'm poliiiittteeee.....
--knock knock... are you asleep? Perfect, I'm coming in to rob you/rape you /scare you/be a ghost/make you think you are going mental imagining knocks on doors... etc etc.

Then, another knock. I turn on the lights, shoot out of bed and stand about 5 feet away from the door "WHO IS IT?!?" (a la Eddie Murphy)

"...it's me... (Cuddles) I couldn't sleep..."


Needless to say I woke up this morning with a throat ache and I think I'm getting a cold. It's all his fault I just know it.
it's definately his fault. and wherever a man is concerned it's always his fault. end of story. i'm sorry your throat is achy. take some zinc lozenges.
and who likes our "new look"?
Holy Mother of Christ!
My eyes just burst out of my head, and thank goodness I know how to type without looking or else I would not be able to respond with this request to TURN DOWN the colour!

Wow, quick response!
ya i dont know what happened to all my wonderful colour changes. they disappeared. at least one of us is happy about that, i see.
i dont know whats going on... but now it seems like it is there. oh man. i have screwed up cyber space.
re: colour change: i do recall a time when a comment was made on the boring colour and look of the blog. please submit colour suggestions.
hickteeth, your boyfriend sounds like a baby... no wonder you call him cuddles. i should make a new name for my young stud... Italian Stallion is too obvious, maybe i'll call him the "HULKING SHAFT OF ENORMITY".
ok ok i'll make it stop.
i'll make you a deal ms: i'll change the colour if you do not refer to your lover's "shaft".
is that more to everyone's "liking"? i just want everyone to be happy and to like me. that's all i ask.
it's huge Cara, really huge.
Well Ms.Ms if you insist on calling Cuddles a baby, then I insist on a "shaft" contest btw Hulking Shaft of Enormity and Cuddles - then we'll see who the baby is ... HAHahahHAHAAhAHHAHAH!!!
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