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Thursday, November 10, 2005
  this conversation is brought to you by o and t
Hello ladies. OOTG and I have decided to write a co-blog entry to entertain ourselves - and you - so here we go.

OOTG is a perv.

actually tali decided that we should write together. i has to say yes because she gave me a scrumptious cookie.
i have a question: how come i am the only on that doesnt leave a space in my lines when i press "enter" you dont need a double space to tell me that it's the next paragraph. i can see that by the previous paragraph not GOING TO THE END OF THE LINE.

OOTG can't type. I am witnessing this process. I thought I was bad with the typo's. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE DELETE BUTTON. Hickteeth, OOTG is eating your fave cookies. Just so you know. There will be none left for you by the time we leave here. We will have eaten them all. OOTG is pressuring me to let her type. I am afraid. Very afraid.

look there, she did the double return thing. what the hell. i just don't get it. can someone explain (seeing as tali just TOTALLY ignored my question above.) also, i am taking offense to the non typing. it's true, i can't type, but at least when i FINALLY get my words out i am FUNNY. and the cookies, hick, i've already got a few stashed under my sweater for you. fear not. and if they are gone? it's because tay lie has eaten them all. i'm no pig.

See the lengths OOTG goes to to get my hands up her sweater? This girl has a one track mind. As for OOTG's question, it is because it is easier to read when there are spaces. Doesn't look as crowded. So there. Question ANSWERED. OOTG is a very good typer. I take back what I said. Now OOTG can you please take the gun away from my temple and take the burning branding iron off my left butt cheek?

i thought the iron was turning her on. as for her hands up my shirt, you can't even imagine HOW LONG I HAVE WAITED FOR THAT. i thought it would never happen. just so you know, i came instantly. now i have nothing else to live for. i might as well die. oh now tali is calling me sick and twisted. um HI, she's the one who initiated the contact. hello!

I am BESTED! Who can compete with OOTG's sick and twisted imagination. Of course, she completely misunderstood....I said make me sick and then twist me. It is foreplay. I like pain. MY GOD that girl hears what she wants to hear. Let's get it on OOTG!!!

i told you tali, i am done. you already made me come, i don't need anything else. let's change the subject.

All about OOTG. She is just like a man. I told you I can't come until you bend me over your knee and spank me with a computer keyboard. Don't I get any satisfaction out of this? DON'T I?

no. to put it simply, you don't. it was all about me. (i thought we were changing the subject?) i guess not. its always about the sex. ALWAYS. i met tali for breakfast this morning at what was the first thing out of her twat? (shit, i mean mouth)? oh ootg, i met a guy and we went out on saturday night, and he didn't go home till sunday. wow, i didnt even sit down and the beans were spilled. then there is ms. with her hulking hunk of hotness, and well the convo that hick and i had yesterday about our respective mens' ding a ling dongs... girls we are all obsessed.

HEY! I haven't heard anything about Hick's man's ding a ling dong. I'm totally out of the loop. What the hell is going on? To be honest..if not sex, what on earth do I have to talk about? I sit around in an empty apartment all day praying for someone to pack for me. Sex is the only thing I have to look forward to. FORGIVE ME! I HAVE NOTHING ELSE. Maybe I should become a hooker. then I could bring together my fave topic of conversation AND my work. It will be like my world's colliding and making me RICH! RICH I TELL YA. OOTG will be my first customer. We're playing "Hide the cookie".

phew she left the room. she keeps molesting me. if she keeps it up i'm going to make sure she gets all of my stds. come on girls, do you really think that people would PAY to have sex with tali? with that thought we will conclude this entry.
no comments? what do you girls have nothing to say aobut this post? nothing? we posted this like 30 seconds ago! where are you guys???
YEAH (says Tali)
omg, we are going t be the demise of our own blog! (ok wrong use of word, bykwim!)
OMG thats a whole lot of tali's face all in a row!
Whoa Nellie!
There's alot of information and alot of visuals to go through in this one - please GIVE US TIME...
And if I don't get back to you in 10 mins, I am lying face down in a pool of my own non-cookie-infused vomit.

and BTW - thanks for spilling the beans on the met a boy topic, now Tali and I will have NOTHING to talk about tonight. I better bring the cribbage. Fuck.
Don't worry Jen...I can still give you the details of his penis. It will kill a solid 3 minutes. Then you may eat cookies and leave.
what you guys are getting together and you didnt invite me? what what?? come on thats not nice.
Ok, I've had time to "ingest" and all I can say is, I wish that I had read this BEFORE lunch.

Hellllllo tali tali tali and tali .. too bad it's not a flipbook to my left...
Tali is not invited out with me and Tali and that's it! I'm sorry!

Unless Tali says that its ok for Tali to come.. and then I'm ok with it..

you realize that half these comments are from me and not tali, right. she does not have multiple personality disorder. i jsut wanted to clear that up. however, the fact that they all appear under her name with her picture makes this all a shit load more hilarious. i hope y'all are enjoie-ing as much as much as we are.
tali says that its ok. i just asked her.
oh man i gonna pee in my pants.
mmm Penis and Cookies!

My favorite combo!
Dudes, it would save us so much internet room and carpel tunnel if we just called each other.

BTW - please see new entry.

Is Tali coming tonight Tali?
I don't know if Tali should come. She is WEIRD. In fact, she gives me the creeps. Crazy fuckin' stalker.
Ms. Ms. In alignment with the Raisin Bran comment, I just found out that I get terrible gas when I read a post by OOTG and Tali together.

I suggest we both avoid products that make us so gaseously blog-tulent.
woaaaah! you take a 20 minute lunch break and THIS happens? Groping, vomiting, penis-talk, cookies? I miss out on all the good stuff.

by the way, i vomited after reading that duo-pinotti-post.

and... i'm still pretty sure my hunk hunk hunk of burning enormity is gonna be the biggest-- hands (mouth and vagina) down.
This sounds like a contest to me!!

It's ON cock-breath... it's ON!
cock-breath? What exactly does that smell like?
OMG, Hickteeth, don't go there. It WAS that big. If Cuddles were THAT big, we would've heard about it by now... in fact, I was on my cell as soon as the hunk of italian love was occupied elsewhere.
ok, is he bigger than marc lavoie?
come on Ms.Ms. If he was that big, you would have called us DURING.
So really, there is room for improvement.
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