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Saturday, November 12, 2005
  I hate men/boys
OMG! It is official. I'm totally neurotic and crazy and I haven't heard from Jay-Z and I have no idea why and have convinced myself it is over. Why am I so nuts?
Why is it guys just randomly disappear?
Why do they call and text every day multiple times and then all of a sudden nothing?
It frustrates me.
I don't know if I'm more irritated by the fact that I'm bothered by it or the fact that it happens.
T, T, T! As a self-proclaimed guru on singledom, let me say that what you are feeling is completely normal! SOme men WILL fail you, and some men WILL be there. I think it is too early to assess which type Jay-Z will be. Let's discuss what we know of the situation: he faithfully contacted you for a week, showed lots of interest, you are in the US right now, how long has it been since you heard from him? Less than 2 days? If all the above are true, give him the benefit of the doubt. No person can be in touch ALL the time. HOpe he calls!
Ok..he called. Left his phone in his car.
He's a really sweet guy.
I was meant to go to NYC and have a fling tonight. I called it off. I just can't do it.
Jack called himself my *boyfriend*.
Why do I meet a fantastic, hot, well endowed guy just when I am moving. FREAKIN' SUCKS!
i hear the guys in san fran are really good-looking, very nice and hugely endowed. Unfortunately, they are gay.
What fling?
you PLANNED a fling?
Imust intercede here with a judgmental call of "what if HE had planned a fling?" You'd be one PO'd T I tell ya. Anyway, I guess you know that as you called it off already and I am being redundant. ok then, sorreh.
you know... i wasn't even going to comment on a entry with the title "i hate men/boys". we all know that coming from tali, that is a blatant lie. she does not hate the opposite sex. she does not.
tali, my love, you know we are all here for you. but please in the future before writing an entry that generalizes your feeling towards all men (for certainly you don't hate your brothers and father, and THEY are men...), take a moment to breathe in and breathe out.
as ms. ms. states, indeed, some men will fail you, but most do deserve the benefit of the doubt. as you can see our jackie boy did. please don;t be planning self-destructive flings (and ya, i do agree with pb-how the hell do you PLAN a fling??), and declare hate for all those with peni, take a moment to have a look at the big picture.
yeah--- it's hard to hate all penii, especially when the picture is REALLY BIG, so make sure you get a good look
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