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Monday, November 21, 2005
  Today's Ro drama.
Hey girls.
So here isthe story.
Ro had an accident and we started talking again.
He knew I had met and went on a date with Jack but didn't know the details.
Today, he point blank asked me if I had sex with Jack. Said he hates thinking there is something I wouldn't tell him for fear he owuld be upset. So I told him I did.
At which point he called and basically talked about how I like to fuck and how he never would have done that to me and how he loved me and how he will never speak to me again and how if I try to email him he will consider that harassment and he knows my home phone number and will pursue the harassment..etc...etc...he told me karma would come back and get me and one day I'll be really in love with someone and he hopes they cheat..and so on
And then he hung up on me.
And so there i was. Upset and annoyed and feeling like I had done something terrible though I haven't really.
I go out for coffee and come home to the following two emails from his roomie:
#1: "You are nothing but a cheap slut. You had a good man and you hurt him. I hope you rot in hell. Maria."
#2: "I would also add he believed in you. None of us did. He fought with us. We told him you would do this. You make me ashamed to be a woman. I will be beside him. I will show him love trust honour. Maria. "

I'm SO done with all that.
Wow-- not only is he crazy but so is everyone in the household. Run, T McT, run far far away and never look back.
agreed and agreed.

I was wondering what I could have possibly commented on this one, but I think Ms Ms has taken the words out of my mouth.
Yeah. I'm done with it is.
Ok..can I jut say my verification word is vajgye.

Who is the vajgye? Does he love vaj?
said and said by my friends. please change the title to the entry to "the end of the ro drama".
thanks tali for lightening up the situation with the vaj guy. it could be the c, he loves the vaj alright.
I think the title of the Blog should be "the end of the vaj comments"

my verification word is : udbxope

I got nothin'
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