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Monday, November 21, 2005
  Let's Do It
This message was sent by the blog "Our Five Cents" through the spiritual medium, Hick Teeth

"... why don't you rove me anymore? I am a ron-rey rittle blog. I talk rike the guy from Team Amercica (Fuck ya!) for you and still you no rove me..."

Listen Five-Cents-ers... participaction - get with the action! do it do it do it!

Hive Five to all our team (*slap*) , now get out there and BLOG.
when reading your entry, all that came to hind was the song "do the hustle". now its in my head on repeat and i can't get it out!
do do do do do do do do do do do do do do the hustle (and insert 70s porn muzak.)
i was actually htinking about my lame ass paticipation here-in while falling asleep last night.
me to self: well you have to start remebering funny stuff that occurs so that you can tell one and tell all about it in said blog.
then me to self again (as i was alone and having a convo with myself): ya, ok that would be that something interesting and funny would have had to have happened to me.
and again to self: wow i suck! i feel bad for my friends to have to deal with my immense proportion of suckdom.
then i thanked myself for talking to me.
OOTG, that was a proud display of suckdom displayed o'er this comment. I can't believe you're in bed with a hottie husband with nothng to think about but the blog, and the sucking, and the wherefore-shall-I-get-my-ideas-from with a sucktastic life.

Whilst I enjoy surprizing my ladies with humourous accounts of mundane occurences, I also like entertaining the masses and the roaring fans who read about my sexlife and whatnot. So... I invite you to read my latest Opus: "Downtown is no place for a parade" to bask in the small and funny moments in my life.
i.e., the way to get over feeling like your life is boring, OOTG, is to read Ms.Ms's blog in which lots of fun and adventurous things take place!

Don't feel bad, live vicariously!
girls... my life is really not that exciting, all i was doing was getting my friend to the bus station, and there happened to be a parade.

i won't even be able to write about sexlife for a week!!! Big L (aka: HSof E) and I are both busy until SUNDAY!! I tried to invite him over for a bootie call late one night but had to laugh it off a bit so he wouldn't be offended, and because of that, he thought I wasn't serious. talk about immense suckdom!!

i'm sure we could all be entertained by stories of REAL sexlives!
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