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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
  ...and you are...???
On Saturday night I was on my way to the streetcar to go meet some girls on College. I got a call from a number I couldn't recognize...

Boy: Hi, Ms. Ms., it's John! How's it going?
Ms.: Good, thanks... how about you?
Boy: Good! Just wondering what you're doing tonight?
Ms.: Meeting some girl friends... you?
Boy: Going to the Brant House, I was hoping I could convince you to come!
Ms.: Well, I can't tonight. ... Can I ask you a weird question?
Boy: Yeah.
Ms.: Where do we know each other from?
Boy: We met 3 weeks ago at the Brant House!
Ms.: (figures it must have been more like 5 weeks): Wow, you sure take your time to call!
Boy: It's been hard to get you out!
Ms.: What do you mean? We haven't spoken since we met!
Boy: Yes we did, I called you the week after.
Ms.: You did? Did you leave a message?
Boy: No, we talked.
Ms.: We did?
Boy: Do you know who this is?
Ms.: Yes, John! It was your friend's birthday. I remember exactly who you are, but I don't remember talking on the phone.
Boy: So do you think you'll make it to the Brant?
Ms.: Not tonight, but umm.... we should hang out.
Boy: OK I'll give you a call sometime.
Ms.: Bye.
Boy: Bye.

OK???!!! How is it I can forget a whole phone conversation with a cute guy? Is he on crack? Am I? Maybe he has the wrong girl? I mean , I remember him, I know I gave him my number but I'm SURE we never talked! Heck, I didn't even remember his name was John. This was weeks and weeks ago.... you'd think he'd have forgotten. Being single is so weird sometimes. I guess I've pretty much destroyed the chance of ever hearing from him again.
Hi, Ms.Ms.? Ummm, we slept together like, a month ago and I've been trying toget in touch since then, but you know, it's tough. So, like, wanna hang out?

-Rico McTavish
i see someone is having fun with being able to be anonymous. come out come out wherever you are! i sure i never slept with a Rico. ....or did I??
just re-reading this post (as nothing of intrest has popped up of late, much to my dismay....)i can conclude:
1. that is rediculously weird, and totally NOT even like you.
2. are you sure he's cute? i mean, you can't even remember him calling, maybe that is a way of blocking out his yuckiness...
3. where is the brant house? is it on brant street? you know, i ALMOST lived on brant street ( iowned a piece of it for like 3 years)
4. that wasn't so much a conclusion as a statement (as is this.)
5. full stop.
6. oh, wait, one more thing... maybe you don't rmemeber him because he doesn't have a hulking shaft of emormity.
7. when telling the c this morning about talking about HSE and and the like, he muttered "i can't believe you girls really talk aobut that stuff, you're like a in a movie."
it's sex and the city baby! Welcome to my life (well, my life LAST week). This week there has been nary a shaft to be found, and none called last night like he said he would.... i might never see his enormousness again!! ulp!

brant house on the corner of king west and somethng else. i dont know what, maybe brant.

i remember the mysterious john looked a bit like Luke Wilson. Cute.

Yeah, we're pretty bad with our content here. In fact, Tali's friend Ryan has not spoken to me since reading some of this crap. oooooops. That kind of sucks but it's a good lesson learned.
Luke Wilson?!?
Do you have his number?

I think I'd like to call... I'll be all :

Hey there, remember me? We met at the Cameron House (coner Queen and Cameron), wanna hook up tonight?
you know there IS a cameron house, right? it's not a fluke that you said that, right?
yes, ms, hick IS a moron. it's not like she lived in toronto for like 8 years.
i will stop you using the word "like" like right now.
oh, and how exactly would a shaft, in itself make a call?? or would it be the hand that is attached to the body of the shaft? just asking... im not too sure on these thigs anymore...
Of course I know there is a Camerson House - thus the JOKE part of the joke.

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