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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
  one laugh for you and one clarification
since my fingers are broken and i cannot type a long entry i figure i can amuse you all by directing you to this very humerous and OH SO SPOT ON entry on a blog that i take much enjoyment in reading. (though please read the rest of my message before clicking over there, because once you go there-to, i'm a-thinkin' you won't be coming back here...)

now, i must clarify...
re: comments on hick's "let's do it" entry where in i proclaim lame assness and suckity, and the comments that followed...
at what point did i actually say that my LIFE was boring, and that my LIFE sucked, and that i was in any way shape or form UNSATIUSFIED with ANYTHING other than the amount that i have contributed to our blog of blogs? i certainly hope i did not portray that, as i don't feel that i need to use this space as a forum for personal complaints and self-flagilation (not to be confused with fornication.)
also (and this is not a big also, just sort of an aside also), i feel it necessary inquire about what a "real sexlife" is. does being married mean you have a real sexlife? does sleeping with the same guy for the last 8 years mean that you have a real sexlife? does having sex because it's the twefth time hes asked for it this week, so i'm just gonna lie here and let him do his thing, so that at least i won't have to hear about it for about a day and a half mean that you have a real sexlife? if the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then i query further: what indeed is so EXCITING about this??!!

i shall leave you with the following quotation:
"i'm just enjoying the show"
Wow that site you sent us to was sure a rant! That girl doesn't like much I tell ya. I'd LOVE to see what she was wearing to the party. LOVE to. Esp since I feel I am living in an out-of-date clothes closet and work next to Loretta-Lynn-meets-Virginia-Wolfe-peppered-with-CalvinKlein-and-baret.

Also- re: the "sex life" thank you Cara! What about the never see your boyfriend (it's going to have been a week before I see him next) and when you do HE'S too tired to have sex? Is THAT a good sex life?
what? only one comment? look i am TRYING to make this an interesting place!
a few notes:
1. who is cara?
2. the best type of boyfriend is the one who DOESN'T want to have sex...
3. hick, give me a break about your clothes... the blog that i sent you to was intended to be FUNNY.
real sex life don't sound so good anymore... i will continue with random encounters and meaningless flings and make sure i take the rabbit out to play more often.

to discourage me from having sex even more i will read my nov 23 blog over and over and over again (well the first 2 parts!). The hulking shaft of enormity can't be that great!!
I don't know who "cara" is - I'm sorreh!
Also - Ms.Ms the "rabbit out to play"?!?

That makes me lol and barf all at once. It's basically a festival of excretion.
BTW - way to throw in a little "ad" for your blog Ms.Ms... what are we some kind of billboard for you? eh?
thank you hick, i totally noticed that ms's blog plug! was to work it in!
and whats with the "rabbit"?? are there things you are not sharing?
hey --- i throw in the ad cause i want YOU to read it.... no one else. as for the rabbit... oh. c'mon! I've been single my whole life, can't i crack dildo jokes?
the Dildo is the rabbit?!?!

AHAHAH!!! I totally didn't get that!
I thought the ol' dild was called "pinky"
well maybe pinkie has a friend now
i would think that maybe is a "yes". thats just my intuition. (and some may say that i'm quite intuitive.) but, let me ask you this? did pinky not satisfy any longer? he was chosen with care and diligence for our dear friend. please be sure his feelings do not get hurt...
pinkie is great! however a bit small iykwim. variety is the spice of life!
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