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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Hey girls..I have arrived in Sunny San Fran.
I'm still a mess and totally second guessing myself. But I'm in town. A step towards settling in here i guess.

Email or call me soon.
glad to hear that you are safe and sound. i guess i should say "welcome home"! hope all your san fran dreams come true, my friend! breathe deep and breathe often, and remember your friends over here!
Sooooo glad to hear from you! Of course, everything is going to be wonderful.... you are in a fantastic city with a dream job!

I was going to email today to tell you how much better Dinah is- off the fridge, running around, still growling at my cats but not in an aggressive way-- she's eating too. But this morning, I allowed the front door to swing shut and she got caught in it!! She ran back in, this way and that, meowing, and finally went to her new secret spot (back of my closet, behind hanging clothes) to chill out. She was freaked, but not hurt. I felt terrible and hope I haven't reversed all the progress she has made in my house!!

Anyway, she's a good girl and I'm happy to have her... she says hi!!

Hey tal-ster!
Welcome to Sunny San Fran!
I will call soon but warm wishes from me in the Mont.
Have fun settling in and getting to know the city. It's very exciting!

And re : Dinah - if she can survive a whole day in my dresser, she can survive a little door knocking (uh, tali, did I ever tell you about the dresser? oy!)
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