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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
  "tying-up" some "loose ends"
I spent the bus ride into work on the phone with OOTG. As I got off the bus, I felt a strange, yet not-unwelcome sensation. I felt "free" and "bouncy". It was soon determined that these feelings and sensations did not arise out of sheer enjoyment of life, but due to the fact that I was deficient of a very important item - my bra. Visual : Hick holding phone away from ear a good foot due to OOTG's enthusiastic laughter.
I took the elevator up the single flight, in order to assess the situation in the 'vator mirror. It was not pretty. Full outline of (shapely!) breasts with protruding nipple clearly apparent.
All I can say is, thank the Lord Almighty that I grabbed an unnecessary sweater on the way out, "just in case".
At exactly 10 on the nose I sped-walked (boing boing boing) to my local bra shop, did some quick testing and asked the lady to rip off the tag of my chosen saviour-sling (slightly "push-up! my word!) as I wanted to wear it out. "everyone does this right?" I asked, looking for comfort. "don't worry" said the kind lady, struggling with the small plastic tag that did not want to removed, "you're not the first".
Funny thing is, the other lady at the counter, did not even bat an eyelash when I came up to her with only the tag.
All I can say is, though the freedom of the giggle is gone, the familiar tight-strapped feel of my girls at attention is a big relief!
2nd elevator test results : prowwww!
so glad you found an item that does the trick for you. i must declare taht i was concerned about he braless hour that you would have to spend at work. what if someone spied said outlined nipple, or unprotected curve of boob? WHAT IF? it is with great relief that i read about the bra-buy of the century. phew!
(as an aside i just recounted this tale to my mother - yes my mother- and i think that she perhaps laughed as much, or if not more than i had.)
I'm so glad you can share like that with you mother. It warms the coccles of my heart. But next time, don't bond over embarassing stories about ME, ok?

BTW -I also told my sister who thought it was hysterical.

Sheesh! All it takes is a little bra mishap and the world is laughing at.. I mean with you.
Also - if you mom wants to hire me on the weekend to help out at the store, braless, I'm available.

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