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Thursday, December 01, 2005
i'm not sure what to write about. i have 2 topics in mind, but one is more boring than the other. i will give you a quick synopsis and then let you decide which you would like to hear more about.

topic #1: the phone call this morning that resulted in me having lunch with my grandmother and her friend at a chinese restaurant. (at which lunch my grandmother's firend loudly express her distate for the "chinaman" who was serving us... what is it with old people and their stereotyping and racism?)

topic #2: the amazing pimples that are sprouting out of every part of my face. not just the chin, no siree bob, but on the upper cheek bone aswell. who knew?? certainly not me. ok it is so bad that my grandmother asked me if i had my period (thank you grandma, but if i was in the midst of my period the zits would be on the decline,) and my mother asked me if i was "taking my birth control" (which i'm not, which is definately the reason for said facial volcanoes, but i wasn't about to tell her that.)

ok my ladies, i will let you decide which you would like to hear more about. i fear it will be neither.
I was all for the Chinaman, but then you popped in with the "my mother asked me if I was taking birth control" and now I just don't know!
i KNOW! that's my problem. both topics seemed so infinately FACINATING!
write about NONE OF THEM. Oh Lord, please don't let her write about them.
thank you for the support on both issues, ms. ms.!!!
as you will be seeing me this weekend, topic #2 will make itself evident to you. as i already told hick, it is THAT bad, so don't even insult me by trying to tell me that it isn't. that is just cruel. i can look at myself in the mirror and see.
i do realize that this is the 3rd time that i am writing about pimples on the blog. i do have to tell you that i LONG for my face to look like what it did when i wrote the first entry on the topic. in relation to what is going on NOW, that was NOTHING.
Dear OOTG,

I didn't notive a thing! Really!
except that we spent 27 out of the last 30 hours discussing...
Oh! Were you talking about that goiter-like pimple on your chin? Ok - yeah, I noticed that one.

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