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Sunday, December 04, 2005
  Checking in - FINALLY!
Hey girls...

Ok..so I've been out of the loop.
San Fran is crazy. It is SO weird to be here. I've been having a REALLY tough time adjusting to it and not having my wn apartment to live in. But I'll tell you all about that when I come home for the holidays.
I'll be in from the 23rd to the 1st. YAY!
I officially have my ticket. Thank goodness..the idea of being so far away for the holoidays is heardbreaking.

How is Toronto? How is Montreal? Any visiting plans yet?

I think I'll be getting my own place for Feb. 1! Woohoo.
I won't last longer then that without my own place. I'll seriously go insane.

Drop me a line soon :)
Dear Everyone,

I just called Tali on her new SF number and it's true! She really is there! I got a message, granted, but gone are our ideas that she is leaving us for good, cruising around on the world on a boat with 17 buff men and only one bed.

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